Government Grants


The Australian Government offers several grants and assistance programs giving small and medium-sized businesses critical cash flow funding needed to grow their business. Unfortunately, only a few business owners take advantage.

Blackwattle specialises in identifying relevant government programs available to your business. Our intimate knowledge of legislation and guidelines will ensure you maximise these opportunities. Key focused areas:

R&D Tax Incentive encourages companies to engage in R&D benefiting Australian businesses, providing a tax offset for eligible R&D activities. The program promotes industry to conduct experimental activities to generate new knowledge (in the form of new or improved materials, products, devices, processes or services).

Export Market Development Grant is a financial assistance program for small-to-medium businesses seeking to grow into overseas markets (for both product and service orientated businesses). It encourages businesses to increase international marketing and promotion expenditure to build more sustainable international sales.

Start-up Assistance Programs are available to new and growing businesses that provide grants, subsidies and funding support. The government offers various support programs as an initiative to drive business competitiveness and productivity.

Federal and State Programs are available to established businesses (as well as start-ups) across a range of industries providing financial incentives and support networks to drive innovation.

Our experienced team can help you access these programs. Contact us today to discuss your eligibility.